Is your investment becoming an addiction?

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It pays to invest your money in profitable companies and investment vehicles. In most cultures, the desire to see your money grow and secure your financial future is normal and desirable. Are you using your savings to make more money by becoming an addiction that borders on something unhealthy?

The thrill of having a worthwhile investment is exciting. The adrenaline rush you experience when you withdraw money, and all the other emotions that come with seeing an investment through to completion can be addictive. The nervousness before entering the market makes his heart beat faster. Your concern as you watch your investment by the hour and excitement as you see your money grow rival any excitement imaginable in this world. On the other hand, some of us let assets rule our lives.

An investment pays off, and we feel like a winner. When an investment doesn’t pay off, we feel like losers and start chasing that emotion so fiercely that sometimes our thinking and reason fail us, and we take the road of addiction. You may have a problem if you’re checking your stocks hourly, the price of gold, or any other investment you currently have money in.

You can try to rationalize this by saying you watch your investments, but chances are you already have sell orders and stop set up to accommodate the need to protect your position every minute of the day. Obsessing over stock or investment shows that you are emotionally invested, and a good investor takes all emotion out of the investment decision.

Are you constantly looking for benefits or tips for essential promotions?

This behavior is similar to what happens on a racetrack. While it’s wise to look for good high risk investment programs and be an educated investor, looking for underground news or advice on what’s about to happen in your chosen market are signs that something is wrong. This feverish feeling gets better, and you have to find a winner. You are ready to do anything. They subscribe to clubs and mailing lists to find something safe to chase after that onslaught.

We all have a knack for stock picking, a feel for a particular currency pair, or investing in companies we know little about. You may have a problem chasing profits and trying many different investments because someone told you a particular asset would pay off. Stick to investments you enjoy learning from it. Breaking new ground regarding money is a reckless investment, no matter where the information comes from.